In what seems a lifetime ago my family joined my parents on a homestead adventure. I wrote about it in Adventures in the 100 Acre Wood. We spent eleven years carving a little homestead out of the forest. We have many beautiful memories from those years. There are also painful ones. The painful ones have brought us to where we are today.

In July of 2016 the children and I moved to a country home on two acres. The love of growing my own food is still strong within in my soul, and I’ve acquired a bit of know how over the years. This blog will chronicle our adventures here, turning our two acre country lot into our little homestead. Thanks for joining us.


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  1. Hey there. I’ve just read all of your little homestead blogs and I have to say, I’m slightly envious. We live in Scotland so growing things is a little trickier. I only managed to grow 2 runner beans this year and a small bowl of green cherry tomatoes that are going to be chutney soon! We’ve had so much rain but that’s Scotland for you. We would like to move to a property with land at some point so we can be more self sufficient so I find your blog fascinating and inspiring. I’ll be reading your future posts. Good luck!

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