The Time is Now

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”Chinese Proverb

One thing we never got to in the 100 Acre Woods was planting fruit trees. Our fruit was limited to wild berries, strawberries, and a few blueberries. We always said we wanted to plant fruit trees, but cleared land there was scarce and was used for more quickly producing items.

Establishing fruit is one of my top priorities here at the Little Homestead. In the landscape beds we’ve already planted cranberries and a couple of blueberry bushes (will need a lot more of those!) I transplanted some thorn less blackberries from our former homestead  awhile back, and then I ordered fruit trees.

We have quite a bit of cleared space here. I probably could have chosen full sized fruit trees, but instead I chose dwarf trees. I think, in the long run, their care and production will be much more manageable for me. They also fit nicely in a corner of the yard that is tucked away behind the pool.


The two youngest children helped with the project. We planned out where we wanted the trees. We brought some compost and leaves to the spot for mulching. Then the digging began. The kids were pretty impressed that I could pull out a square of sod without breaking it. They quickly learned digging was hard work, and somehow I found myself alone with the shovel. I was glad I only bought six trees.


They were a little more help when it came to planting and watering.


In a couple hours we had the trees planted, watered, and mulched. The kids even mowed the yard while we were out there. We recently got a new mower, and currently they think mowing is fun. I am more than willing to take advantage of that for one last mow before winter, and am hoping their enthusiasm lasts until spring.

Our new little orchard is in. It contains six trees; a redhaven peach, a Bartlett pear, an Asian pear, a sweet cherry,  and gala and golden delicious apples. In a couple of years hopefully, we will be enjoying the fruits of our labor.




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