Fall Happenings

Yay for fall! Things have been busy around the little homestead this week. The cranberries arrived in the mail. 

They were planted in the recently cleared out beds along the house. These beds now include Vivian’s mums, two varieties of chives, parsley, walking onions, garlic, sage, blueberries, and cranberries. Not much to see now, but it still feels good to get it done. 

Do you see that pile of leaves above? It is amazing how much work kids will do when they are playing. They blew and raked two piles about this size. Then they built “leaf forts” with them. 

Those are just small part of the leaves in the front yard. The trees in the back are just beginning to drop their leaves. We are going to be buried in them. They won’t go to waste though. One way I am using them is as mulch. 

Some of the leaves will be used to start new beds. Some will be composted, Some will be chopped up to fertilize the yard. 

In other fall happenings, we visited Ohio Amish country with friends. We rode out to the pumpkin fields on a horse drawn wagon to choose pumpkins among their large variety gourds and pumpkins. The farm also had a petting zoo.

Even when we lived on our big homestead, where we had a lot of animals, my children were always enamored with other people’s animals. Some things don’t change. They loved all the farm animals.

Some things do change though. Now a visit to a farm sparks a conversation  about what, if any, animals we should get here at the little homestead. In residence currently are two cats. For some time, Lydia has wanted to get dairy goats again. The petting zoo visit renewed that desire. Vivian told me she wants a cow for Christmas. Nolan, who has told me he doesn’t want any livestock animals, certainly enjoyed them at the petting zoo. He thinks we should get rabbits, but as pets only, not for meat. None of them have any interest in chickens, and the thought of adding any animals right now is a little overwhelming to me. 

Fall is in full swing, leaves, pumpkins, and fall planting. I love this season, and I love that we are making progress, slowly but surely, on growing some of our own food and turning our little home into our little homestead. 


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